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Where should we align thing left behind, question of lost article?
Please contact NAMBA NANNAN disaster prevention center.
Phone number 06-6631-5101
Is there parking lot, bicycle parking lot?
There is NAMBA WALK parking in neighborhood.
Is elevator escalator installed?
There is not elevator escalator in NAMBA NANNAN. When we go on ground with wheelchairs, the next conducting wire is convenient.
①About elevator
There is to NAMBA NANNAN and connected Takashimaya, Nanba center Building.
②About escalator
It is in NABAM NANNAN and connected Marui.
Note: As for the details of positions of each facility, please see floor map. → Floor guide
In addition, we may not use in various check. Please refer to each facility for the details.
Is there locker?
There is not locker in NAMBA NANNAN.
Please use locker of neighborhood.
Is there ATM?
There is ATM of Seven Bank on the E4 stairs side.
For more details, please see floor map. → Floor guide
Does available restroom have even wheelchair?
There is not in NAMBA NANNAN.
It is in Nanba center Building state of neighborhood. → Floor guide
Is there place exchanging diaper?
It is in all ladies' rooms.
Is there Powder corner?
It is in all ladies' rooms.
Private room is large, too, and ladies' room of B2F is particularly recommended.
For more details, please see floor map. → Floor guide
Is electronic money credit card gift card usable?
※As there is store which is not available partly, please refer to each store in detail.
About regular holiday, Hours.
Please confirm from this. → News on Hours, regular holiday
Is there place that can smoke?
I'm sorry, but there is not public smoking space.
Please use store of smoking permitted.
About use of advertising slot of the sky.
Please confirm this. → Advertisement appearance article toward the thought
About the nearest station, nearest exit number of subway.
We are directly connected to Exit 2.3 area / from Osaka Metro "Namba Station" south south wicket