Osaka dialect NAMBA NANNAN senryu contest

2018 22nd winning work product introduction 2018/11/30

NAMBA NANNAN Osaka dialect senryu contest of the 60th anniversary

As for 5,036 total number, "Osaka dialect senryu contest" that we raised general than the whole country included application. 
On November 5, we hold examination committee in Taisei Onishi of senryu writer and Osaka dialect senryu contest executive committee and will tell as prize-winning work was decided!

NANNAN award

"Comfort of the intellect rananda world third place" (Keiji Nakagawa /70 age Osaka)
According to the British investigation information, Osaka seemed to be chosen in the "town where we wanted to live" in third place in the world. We were surprised when we lived in town which you might change. We will live proudly from now on.

Award for excellence

"The police do not open when we do not do SECOM (Koetsu Uematsu /53 age Tokyo)"
If it is escaped by suspect who caught…
"Historic hairstyle comic dialogue debut" (Satoshi Hokari /54 age Hokkaido)
Historic U.S.-North Korea summit meeting was held in Singapore and attracted of the world attention.

Fine work

"Cashless computerization chaude is penniless"; (Kiyoshi Nakayama /45 age Kumamoto)
We are too poor, and the contents of wallet are cashless.
"zozo ttoshimasugana to the lunar journey travel expenses" (Minako Kuwata /66 age Kumamoto)
We are surprised to be the travel expenses of lunar journey high.
"I still hate Halloween Okan make" (Yoko Noguchi /53 age Saitama)
We discover showy grandmother who made up like witch in Osaka! As we thought that it was age not to change with my mother very much, it intended to become daughter and wanted to feed unintentionally.
"It was too hot and did mosquito in summer of strain" (Yasushi Nakai /65 age Kyoto)
There seemed to be few mosquitoes this year with anywhere. "Kyn always beats against omoi in mosquito-repellent incense though is no summer super" when is killed by even heat, is strain shitanyarone there.
"Takanohana soup stock throw gechigote throw soup stock" (Masashi Kusuhata /74 age Osaka)
Takanohana of former yokozuna resigned from boss, but some explanation and reasons feel mysterious, and is winning trick "getting out arm throw?"
"Awa Folk Dance whichever changes from river stupid" (Nobuyuki Yoshino /58 age Saitama)
Conflict of city and dancer. Is tourist with decrease?
"Price that opujibo is awesome is not over cancer" (Kazuhiko Nishitaki /72 age Osaka)
It was announced that we gave Tasuku Honjo special professor of Kyoto Univ. in Nobel Prize for Medicine. Results of research are cancer new medicine opujibo. However, we cut by 100 milligrams of expensive original approximately 730,000 yen, but are still high.
"What's this, Chinatown or black gate" (Keigo Matsuda /77 age Osaka)
We are surprised to visit Kuromon Ichiba after a long absence this summer! Chinese swept over definitely.
"Tiger won, but, as for the tiger, Akima is strange" (Taniguchi Kochi /74 age Osaka)
Tiger Woods did championship of revival after an interval of five years, but Hanshin Tigers goes away from championship for another 13 years. It becomes 33 years before a long way off to have won the championship at the Japan Series.
"Wife hanto reveal kiotahodoyo shook" (/62 age Hyogo of field bunch student)

Catch phrase prize

"Good kiyanen Namba side (ata) rino street light" (Shunichi Inaoka /74 age Tokyo)
We liked town light in Namba in the Osaka times and were at a loss into the night.