Osaka dialect NAMBA NANNAN senryu contest

2016 20th winning work product introduction 2016/12/01

As for 4,583 total number, there was application in "the 20th Osaka dialect senryu contest" that we raised general than the whole country in our NAMBA NANNAN in the summer from the whole country from the time.

On November 7, we hold examination committee in Mr. Yasuyo Onishi of senryu writer, Uchimura of Osaka underground shopping center board member and Osaka dialect senryu contest executive committee and will tell as prize-winning work was decided!

"I cat and tiger gen uteharu" (light field Katsuhiro / Okayama)

"Horror of Ichiro is measure not to be able to measure" (Yasushi Nakai / Kyoto)
And "divorce pear orchard bride guyaruyanka" (Takashi Uematsu Etsu / Tokyo)
Norika, congratulations!

"We are in one others wanting you to do abdication" (Katsumasa Yamaguchi / Tokyo)
Honma, gyosanitemasu. okanha, maa, shaanaikedo.
"Cards hashitainchauno Old Maid" (small amount of money Naomi / Saitama)
Rice is mudslinging. We are disappointed what it is.
"We are famed with matsurigotokatsuhi, and come, and life does not lie down, too" (Fujio Suzuki / Saitama)
We are too amazed at taxes such as members of the Diet and lower unexpected consciousness and are exasperating.
"Lose in sentence spring well-informed person of strange bride" (Hideki Okui / Hokkaido)
"Your name." Machiko winding kitohachaunkai (Kenji Isoda / Tokyo)
When we knew o, "your name." thought animation to be certainly drama, movie of old blockbuster and its animation was different from becoming in perception and disgraced ourselves.
"Smartphone fine weather and microscope which are peek" (Kusu field Masashi / Osaka)
It was the Japanese Nobel Prize this year. Osumi seemed to look only in microscope for study. We want you to imitate child and grandchild. Without only smartphone peeping out.
"Halloween kachauyo natural make" (Keiko Ishizeki / Kanagawa)
It is not Halloween. This is my natural make.
"Osaka "Toyosu" (Toyosu) yuutaraarareyade" (Hideko Fukui / Kyoto)
When see matter of Toyosu market in news; of CM "was there, and after all Toyosu" has floated.
"We do not like lily and sinter mowasha of lotus whichever" (Shinichi Machii / Tokyo)
It is not preference in Governor Koike and Renho, strong-minded women.
"Ai should be bride of Taro desse" (Sugimura daily way of dealing with / Osaka)

"People beat Minami bai imon GO to like" (west waterfall Kazuhiko / Osaka)