Osaka dialect NAMBA NANNAN senryu contest

NAMBA NANNAN Osaka dialect senryu contest prize-winning work 2017/12/01 of the 60th anniversary

NAMBA NANNAN Osaka dialect senryu contest of the 60th anniversary

As for 5,939 total number, "Osaka dialect senryu contest" that we raised general than the whole country included application. 
On November 8, we hold examination committee in Taisei Onishi of senryu writer and Osaka dialect senryu contest executive committee and will tell as prize-winning work was decided!

NANNAN award

"Already yo SHOKU beyaitsumade shashinsatsu ttennen" (Sae Otakeguchi / Osaka)
We sometimes just take photograph when we eat out, and there is totally person without sign to eat dishes. We think that it is for SNS, but are always interested.

Prize of the 60th anniversary

"NAMBA nannammecha spirit as for the sixtieth birthday" (Fujio Suzuki / Saitama)
If compare opening of business 60 to person; "the sixtieth birthday." We were young and still loaded with thought that we wanted you to aim at pleasant underground shopping center from now on in the present aging society on the sixtieth birthday.

Award for excellence

"When of appearing do you filter from Norwegian forest in (Satoshi Hokari / Hokkaido)?"
"abe you toko sontakurosu next runyate" (Kojun Ishida / Osaka)
You seem to come, and guess yoke

Fine work

"We hope for the real intention and beat and do ambition" (Ichiro Watanabe / Shizuoka)
In fact, "ambition" to the Prime Minister is obvious while saying Yuriko, "hope".
To "the chigaudaro gen utemitaiwa boss" (Mitsuko Okubo / Niigata)
We want to sometimes tell the boss to work that different, but think that most people strongly shut it up in heart and live. We cannot say and are miserable boo hoo hoo even if we say.
"Warning as for ice chau J alert" (Hatsumi Koyama / Mie)
J alert that seemed to resound in East Japan for the moment. If fire missile in direction that that country wants to really hit, in West Japan J alert….
"Afterward ka kasunka in raccoon dogs for forest" (髙kyotabikoyo / Hokkaido)
Mind that Moritomo, Kake problem seemed to be somewhat left unsettled ran to raccoon dog of soba.
"Premium beer tochaude, on Friday" (Yoshio Kurano / Osaka)
PREMIUM Friday. To be very gorgeous naming, but to go; such easy person haorimahen.
"Catfish win close if we appear very much eel" (Makoto Ito / Chiba)
"2,000! Yakitori chaude Toya (Daisuke Yamano / Osaka)
Congratulations on Hanshin Tigers, Toritani, 2,000 hits.
"Hairstyle dakenishitokiya as for the joke" (Tomohiro Takeyama / Hyogo)
While country of the neighbor causes problem of missile
"Re-, I am afraid of lifetime here" (Fujio Isono / Osaka)
Kazuyo Matsui is really scared. If bride turns out that way, we are scared like that
"Princess care Robo which want to hold in the arm" (Kazunori Inoguchi / Aichi)
We saw video of care robot which carried person lightly. Feeling that seems to become in great demand for grandmothers of nursing home.

Catch phrase prize

"Line kana nine seconds level in sale yate dash" (Kei Kinoshita Takeshi / Nara)
We appeared! The first 100m9 second level of Japanese people! Congratulations on Kiryu. However, general public do not lose, too. Okay, we rush in violent speed dash when information of "sale" plays in supermarket of where there. It is athlete of town where we hid in.