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Mieux mieux / YOSOOI

Ladies' fashion

"Al vero vero" brand dealer


Al vero vero brand handling kind richness We prepare for various events.          
New works are received one after another, too.
Please enjoy fashion only for oneself in Al vero vero at this opportunity. We wait for visit.

Made in japan `ALBEROBELLO'
Is designed by a woman for the fashion-conscious woman of today.
Many different types of animals are used in designs but the predominant
character is the always evolving cute and adorable "PIG."
The designs are both colorful and refreshing.
The fabrics are of high quality and unique craftsmanship


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number

800 yen + tax ...

800 yen PLUS TAX



Summer sale now being held!

In mieux (mieux), we hold 30% of clothes off sale!
Chance that is advantageous, and can get wonderful clothes of Al vero vero!
Come by all means!


Dress One piece

It is dress of length 90cm cotton lawn that individuality of dot character who does not let you hit shines. As for the next, shirring enters waist in plaid, and is seen in slim though is three-dimensional; is designed.

This 100% cotton one piece is both lightweight and comfortable. With a button-up front, pockets, and a 90cm length, this garment looks great either closed as a one piece or opened and worn with your favorite pullover and pants. Comes in green or off-white.

Dress ... 37,000+ yen tax → 30%OFF 25,900+ yen tax


Tunic and pants Pullover

"kira" and right to shine are with stone on soft 100% cotton, chest.
It is such first place that red that is biBitto is well in mandarin orange color in hot summer and gives!

This garment is part of this summer's 'marine life' collection and depicts cute characters playing in the surf. Made of cool 100% cotton, this long pullover comes in four colors, yellow, green, white, & red.

Tunic ... 11,000+ yen tax → 30%OFF 7,700+ yen tax
Pants ... 27,000+ yen tax → 30%OFF 18,900+ yen tax


Big tote bag Bag

Anteroposterior; is available. The back side is cook and flower print.
Size can hold W50cm, H41cm, D13cm and anything with "whump". It is most suitable for lesson bag.

It is this colorful bag has large leather straps and a roomy interior, perfect for local shopping or holiday travel. Made of lightweight but durable PVC-coated cotton and nylon fabric, this large tote bag is illustrated with characters from this season's 'canned goods' series

Bag ... 22,000+ yen tax ※The outside that is targeted for sale


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