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We hold Mai Chris vent in NAMBA NANNAN on Sunday for from Thursday, December 1, 2016 to 25th!

◆Christmas event 1
For Prize "shopping eating and drinking ticket 2,000 yen of NAMBA NANNAN" or tenant Prize "wonderful present from each store" hits application box in town for Santa Prize "shopping eating and drinking ticket 10,000 yen of NAMBA NANNAN" after pasting on oo application paper more than more than total amount of money, 1,000 yen (tax-included) such as receipts of the use or 5,000 yen (tax-included) in NAMBA NANNAN by lot later on Christmas during period on Sunday for from Thursday, December 1, 2016 to 25th when we have you mail!

 ☆Application period from Tuesday, December 1 to Friday, December 25
 ☆Lottery period [the first] 12/1 - 12/13
          [the second] 12/14 - 12/25 ※Tenant prize only as for the second lottery period

◆Christmas event 2
In the following schedule, we heap up NAMBA NANNAN, and, as unit, familiar "mammachan" parades around the town disguised as Santa Claus by TV program!

 ☆It is Sunday for 25 days on Saturday for Friday (holiday), 24 days for 23 days on Sunday for 18 days on Saturday, December 17 on scheduled appearance date
 ☆Patrol time every day ① 13:00 ~② 14:40 ~③ 16:30 ~④ 18:00 ... ※It is around 20 minutes with each time

In addition, from Monday, November 28, Christmas art "Christmas of snow falling forest" appears in NANNAN PARK♪♪
As photography is possible, too; as for this without passing over!