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NAMBA NANNAN spring festival

From Friday, March 17, 2017 to Sunday, April 2
We hold NAMBA NANNAN spring festival!

■ Welcome parade in mascot NANNAN heaping up corps street
  (Kaizuka-shi) that nyambarou (Osaka-shi Traffic Bureau) marry, and comes comes!
  [on the date] Saturday, March 18, 19th Sunday
           ①13:00 ~② 14:30 ~③ 16:00 ...

■ "Early reservation discount of NAMBA NANNAN spring of the 60th anniversary! Discount sale of shopping eating and drinking ticket"
  We arrive first for 5,000 yen and sell for available "shopping eating and drinking ticket" 6,000 yen at each NAMBA NANNAN store.
  ☆To 600 sets of limitation for two days in total, 1st upper limit six sets per person
  [sale time] From noon 12:00 ※It becomes the sale end as soon as it becomes daily sale plan number.
  [sale place] Center north and south passage special corner
  [expiration date] Until April 30, 2017

■ STEPOUT dance studio kids dance show!
  We hold kids' dance show with STEPOUT dance studio (Sekime school) on NANNAN PARK special stage.
  [on the date] Saturday, April 1, 2nd Sunday
          ①13:00 ~② 16:00 ...
  [holding place] NANNAN PARK

※In addition, event contents may be changed without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.