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NAMBA NANNAN Halloween event "monster Halloween" holding!

Let alone the everyday use in traffic with feeling of thanks,
Luxurious prize hits! We can enjoy monster dance! We hold "monster Halloween".

Ball pool Instagram present campaign
From Saturday, October 13 to 31st Wednesday
"Monster dance" by Imamiya High School dance club
Saturday, October 27 15:30 ...

[event summary]
① During period, photograph by special ball pool set up by NANNAN PARK, in Instagram
We attach "# NANNAN Halloween" and post.
Five people win for eating and drinking ticket 3,000 yen to be available in NAMBA NANNAN.

② Saturday, October 27 15:30 ... 
Strong school in Naniwa! Imamiya High School dance club comes up!
We show monster dance!

We look forward to your participation!