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About big foundation celebration

We give "thank you" for big foundation celebration of title NAMBA NANNAN - 61! ...
Period November 23, 2018 Friday (holiday) - Sunday, November 25 three days
①We prepare for "best recommended product and menu "big foundation celebration special product and special menu" which had you devise in (11/23 - 25), each shop during period.
②[ultra hero comes over!]
It depends on "ultra hero" on Saturday on Friday (holiday) and 24th on November 23
Patrol & shooting meeting in welcome parade, hall
①13:00 ~② 14:30 ~③ 16:00 ...
☆11/23 Friday (holiday) zofi, urutoramantiga, ultra man nexus
☆11/24 Saturday ultra man Leo, ultra man Gaia, urutoramanaguru  

③[cashback scratch lottery]
Special booth in front of place SHOKU zone entrance round column
Until the held date and time November 23 Friday (holiday) - 25th Sunday 11:00 a.m. - daily planned number end
In booth special with use receipts on the day of the participation condition in front of SHOKU zone entrance round column; bringing is
Every tadakuto 1,000 yen (is tax-included possible adding up) of one piece "cashback
We trade with clutch. (there is no blank)
But exchange to cashback scratch regardless of use amount of money
To up to ten pieces of 1st per person.
It is issuance of cashback scratch of 1,000 pieces of daily the first limitation,
It is finished as soon as we disappear.
Prize "shopping eating and drinking ticket of lucky prize /1, 000 yen"
      "Shopping eating and drinking ticket of SUNKUS prize /500 Japanese yen"
      "Flower (1 bowl) of flower Prize / potted plant"
      "Panda prize /PANDA NANNAN clear file" (one piece)
      "Character grill of gourmet Prize /" (nothing)