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News of pamphlet completion of the 20th NAMBA NANNAN Osaka dialect senryu contest

Pamphlet of the 20th NAMBA NANNAN Osaka dialect senryu contest is completed!

We raised through newspaper, magazine from the whole country from about the summer of last year
In "the 20th NAMBA NANNAN Osaka dialect senryu contest,"
There is application of 4,583 works from the whole country,
We were able to compile some winning a prize candidate works in "pamphlet".

We distribute this "pamphlet" on the following condition toward the hope now.

[in the case of hope] 
  At first you have telephone communication (TEL06-6631-5105), and please do stock confirmation of pamphlet.
  ②In sealed letter, please enclose zip code, address, full name of destination after entry in memo.
  ③Please enclose "stamp (for nothing) for 140 yen" as the postage.

[in the application]
  542-0075 12-19, Nanbasennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi NANNAN hall
         "NAMBA NANNAN Osaka dialect senryu, pamphlet" person in charge

In addition, it should be one chisel per person.
In addition, please note that you have you terminate as soon as you disappear as there is limit to the number of copies that we distribute, and there is.